Just wanted to tell you I had a lot of fun yesterday. You softened me up pretty good – stiff and sore, but it’s a good kind of tired (and I slept well last night, too). I asked for your sleeper hold, and you certainly delivered great ones. It was like your arms were custom built to fit perfectly around my neck. I hope you didn’t get too bored using it on me multiple times. You really got me that one time where you more or less choked me out. I remember you were behind and on top of me like a blanket (and as usual, I was unable to even move), and I assume you put me in some kind of stranglehold. Honestly, I did not even feel (or maybe I just did not remember) your arms around my neck. Did you position your arms differently that time? When you have a little time, please describe what you did and what happened – I’m really curious because it was an interesting experience. Let me know if/when you swing out to the San Jose/San Francisco area again. If you want to wrap those beautiful arms of yours around my neck again, I just might show up for a rematch (if you can call it that (ha ha). Thanks again and safe and happy travels to the Queen of the Sleeper Hold!