When I think of our sessions, always fondly, I remember such things as : your fabulous figure-4 leglock – When you rotate this hold so the pressure is all on one side, it is simply Submission City, no ifs ands or buts about it! Your legs are awesome, indeed killers. The other is arm wrestling, which is its own unique dance. Breast smothers – awesome, overpowering bliss; head scissors – crushing!, WOW!; grapevines – exquisite paralysis; belly punching – Man, that smarts!; ballbusting – explosive, yet exquisite torture; chicken wings – agony and ecstasy at the same time; headlocks, body scissors (Whoops, there goes the air out of me.). arm bars – you got me!, all done with power and delight! But above all is your empathy and understanding of me and my desires — a connection that ties everything together so beautifully! You’re magnificent, Kordi, and I can’t wait for our next time either!