I just had a session with Kordelia Devonshire. Unfortunately I had to go to work right after because I could not stay focused at all on work. I am not easily impressed, but Kordelia was by far the best I’ve ever sessioned with. She brings so much to the table. Personality – definitely not a wet towel. She has spunk, humor and a lot of sass AND she’s smart too! She has a great imagination – I started a role play “theme” and she immediately picked up her role and acted it like an academy award winner. She’s also extremely easy going. She made setting up the session a breeze, even though I had a number of schedule conflicts AND a last minute snag with getting funds. She also has a body that I adore – she’s built like a truck but not in the body building way – in a natural way! Meaning, she’s got all the feminine curves and shape still but is just naturally powerful. (She attributed this to her growing up on a farm.) Some info about the session: I like a session to be on the “rough” side. (Rolling around I can do with my wife!) So I was excited when she writes that she enjoys ball busting, KO’s, punches, etc… These things are what I’m looking for. I don’t make it easy though. I insist that I get no marks or any real injuries. How’s that for a difficult request? Well, I don’t how she did it, but Kordelia walked the tight rope perfectly. She threw a number of punches to my face (with MMA gloves on) that were no baby punches – they had real pop, she landed numerous hard body punches, and in the end she didn’t leave a single mark! It’s like she knows the perfect amount of power to put into it. By far the highlight of the session however was the fact that she honest to goodness KO’d me – twice! Once in a sleeper hold and once in a head scissor. She applied the move professionally and safely. She’s the only woman I sessioned with who knew how to this so perfectly and effortlessly. And the only woman that exuded enough trust for me to allow it. (FYI, the KO’s were a totally wild experience. One second I’m there and I’m struggling – and the last thing I remember is wanting to tap out when suddenly the next thing I know I’m dreaming total weird stuff…the scenes were flashing so quick…and before I can make any sense of the flashing scenes…the confusion slowly lifts and I find myself in a unfamiliar place with this sexy woman in a bikini looking down at me – it took a good 20 secs or so to even remember where the hell I was. Kordelia told me I was out for a total of 5-10 secs but honestly if she had told me I was out for an hour I would’ve believed her because I had no recollection of that time at all!) Even without the KO’s and punches, her smothers were amazing – she applies 13 different type of smothers, one better than the other. (Ok, my favorites were of course when she used her crotch and her boobs – but her other inventive ones (like her belly button) were great too!) And her scissors, grapevines and boston crabs, etc… were not to believe. I thought she’d snap me in 2! Bottom line I have only one word that can best describe my session – indescribable!