Kordi, I just wanted you to know that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you and our session! I was expecting a competitive event like the last ones and this was more of an erotic and sensual event. I guess that’s what happened when I tussle with a dominatrix! From the moment you got me down I was totally dominated. And yes you are sadistic! You should see the smile on your face when you hovered inches over my face and applied pressure to each of my arms trapped between those surprisingly strong legs…..that was so hot! And I got a cool bruise on a bicep as a souvenir. You really seemed to enjoy inflicting a little pain and pleasure at the same time. J I have to admit the two hottest positions I have ever been in were from our session – once I was exhausted and you had your way with me…..that bosom smother with the double D Grand Tetons and the facesitting were the most sensual experiences I have ever had! It is a mix of emotions. At first it is humiliation that you are totally helpless as a beautiful woman is dominating you and rubbing your face in it (literally!). Then there is a little fear when you can’t breathe mixed in with the excitement of the position. Wow. It was breath-taking. I would really like to do this again and maybe experiment with some of the other things you wanted to do like the choking and ball busting. I trust you won’t kill me or permanently damage me down there. LOL Thanks again and I really hope we get to meet up sometime soon.