This was my first session with Goddess Kordi and also first session with a pro domme and model and it was perfection. I had a fantasy for the longest time of licking and sucking clean a pair of really dirty feet on a sexy female. I showed up and Goddess was perfect from start to finish, she really takes the time before the session to communicate and does a great job of doing exactly what was discussed. She basically laid on the bed on her stomach surfing the internet and watching with me on my knees at the edge of the bed so her feet were right in my face. I licked and sucked her feet for about 15-20 minutes while being verbally dominated until they were clean and I begged her to get lots more dirt on her feet and she was happy to oblige 🙂 over the whole session she went and grinded her feet in mud 4 times and came back laid down on the bed and i got to work licking it all up and swallowing it all down. When I saw she was in town for a couple of days was like damn wish she was here for a lot longer. But maybe that’s a good thing at least for my wallet because I would go broke sucking her hot size 9’s lol 🙂 Ty Goddess.