Yesterday was my first ever scissor/wresting/facesitting session, and it was with Goddess Kordelia!! This was the greatest experience of my life. Honestly, I was a nervous wreck before meeting With Goddess Kordelia, I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I wanted to see if what I’ve been seeing on the internet all these years was real. When I entered the room, I instantly felt weak because of Goddess Kordelia’s beauty! She looked amazing!!!! she greeted me, gave me light punches and slaps that were super sexy. I told her about me wanting to be KO’d but how nervous I was. I sat on the edge of the bed, she jumped behind me and put me in a sleeper hold, and it felt good at first then I felt her muscle grow and dig deeper into my throat, and I instantly got woozy and tapped out, i had never felt that in my life, then she put me in a few holds, and sat on top of me, she did it with ease and I was completely immobilized, I swear I used all the strength in me, and she didn’t even budge, and was smiling as I struggled, I’m thinking how is it even physically possible for goddess to be this strong and so soft(skin perfect and silky), beautiful, and sensual. Then she gave me my first ever scissor, her legs felt amazing and then they got so hard and tight, I felt her inner thigh muscles tighten WOW, I instantly tapped. Within the first 3 minutes I needed to take a 1 minute break, heart was beating fast, and the thought that this Woman can do what ever she wants with me and I can’t do anything about it overwhelmed me for a sec, I almost felt a slight panic. We chatted while I caught my breath, then she just flat out had her way with me, the most sensual facesitting you can Imagine, it felt liked head disappeared, every kind of scissor hold, I must have tapped like 20 times and she didn’t even break a sweat, I in fact, she laughed, and smiled the whole time, she was literally toying with me, and I’m not a small guy, I honestly don’t even think she gave me 10% of her strength, it was unreal. Finally at the end, she told me to look in the mirror, and she got behind me and put me in a hold that changed my life forever! As I looked in the mirror she was smiling, all I could think I how beautiful she looked, then how red my face was turning, and next thing I knew, I was having a good dream. I woke up in her lap, with her smiling telling me I’m ok, it took a few seconds to figure out where I was, it felt like I was knocked out for an eternity but it was only like 5secs, when i came back to myself, I instantly had to thank Goddess Kordelia for giving me an experience of a lifetime. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened. How can a woman this beautiful be so strong? My first experience was perfect!!! It felt like a dream. After sessioning with Goddess Kordelia, I honestly don’t feel the need to try anyone else. And on top of all this Goddess Kordelia is just an amazing individual. Thanks Again Goddess. If she’s in your town, do what ever it takes to meet her, it’s worth it!!! And I guess what I’ve been seeing on the Internet is all the way real. now let me go ice my neck.